Claudication intermittent

Intermittent claudication, also known as vascular claudication, is a symptom that describes muscle pain on mild exertion (ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue), classically in the calf muscle, which occurs during exercise, such as walking and is relieved by a short period of rest.

It's caused by arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is an aging phenomenon, that everyone has to deal with it to a greater or lesser extent.

There are a number of factors that accelerate the calcification process. Smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle are the biggest culprits. By exercising a lot and living a healthier life, a patient can get rid of his or her shop window legs. The expert guidance of a physiotherapist can be valuable support in this regard. Physiotherapy Genderdal is specialized and certified to guide you in this so that your quality of life improves and your complaints will diminish or disappear.

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