Edema therapy

Fluid accumulations, also called edema, in the arms or legs can arise after an operation or accident because lymph vessels are damaged. This secondary (lymphatic) edema can also occur after removal of a tumor, for example in an arm after a mastectomy or by radiation.


Lymphedema can also develop without a known cause due to predisposition, whereby a less well-functioning lymphatic system is already established at birth (primary lymphedema). Massage in the form of manual lymph drainage can ensure a better drainage of the lymph fluid. In addition to manual lymph drainage, there is a new technique: lymph taping. Thin strips of special tape are stuck to the skin in such a way that the drainage of the lymph fluid is better. The therapist will advise the patient on the treatment to be followed on the basis of an extensive history, inspection and palpation and also give practical, preventive tips.

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